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About Us

HJC is one of the state's most reliable companies. We understand our responsibility on keeping your project on schedule and living up to our committments. Our company is involved with many aspects of the highway construction industry. We work as a subcontractor and as a prime contractor throughout the state of Texas.

We provide knowledgeable team members and reliable equipment to complete various scopes of work including, but not limited to, MBGF installation, highway signage, CTB hauling, and erosion control. We are located near Abilene, TX but perform work all over the state.


HJC was established in 1992 as a farming entity. Since 2004, HJC has grown from 5 employees to a team of more than 90. HJC takes pride in the working relationships we have with our vendors. It is those relationships that have allowed us to become one of the most reliable highway contractors in the state of Texas. HJC looks forward to the opportunity to serve you in your construction needs.

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