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Concrete Traffic Barriers

Hauling • Installation • Temporary Crash Cushions • Permanent Crash Cushions

HJC Farms is your premier provider of Concrete Traffic Barrier services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your infrastructure needs. Our expertise covers hauling, installation, and the provision of both temporary and permanent Crash Cushions.

Hauling: With our reliable hauling services, we ensure prompt and efficient transportation of concrete traffic barriers to your project site. Our experienced team handles the logistics, ensuring safe delivery and placement of the barriers, no matter the size or scope of the project.

Installation: Trust us for professional and precise installation of concrete traffic barriers. Our skilled crews follow industry best practices to ensure the barriers are securely positioned, providing optimal safety and protection for road users.

Temporary Crash Cushions: HJC Farms offers temporary crash cushions to mitigate the impact of potential accidents or collisions. These crash cushions provide a temporary protective measure, safeguarding both motorists and construction crews during construction or maintenance activities.

Permanent Crash Cushions: For long-term safety solutions, we provide permanent crash cushions that are designed to absorb impact and reduce the severity of accidents. Our team ensures the proper installation of permanent crash cushions to enhance roadway safety and protect lives.


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