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Flat Decks • Belly Dumps  End Dumps • Heavy Haul • CTB Loading, Hauling, & Unloading

At HJC Farms our fleet is equipped to handle various hauling requirements, including Flat Decks, Belly Dumps, End Dumps, Heavy Haul, and CTB Loading, Hauling, and Unloading.

With our Flat Deck service, we provide safe and secure transportation for various materials and equipment. Our experienced drivers ensure efficient and on-time deliveries while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Belly Dumps are ideal for hauling bulk materials such as gravel, sand, or asphalt. Our skilled operators and well-maintained equipment allow for precise and efficient unloading, optimizing productivity at your project site.

End Dumps are well-suited for hauling materials such as dirt, rock, or debris. We offer reliable and efficient end dump services to ensure smooth and hassle-free transportation of your materials.

For Heavy Haul needs, we have the expertise and specialized equipment to handle oversized and heavy loads. Our experienced team ensures secure and efficient transportation, adhering to all necessary regulations and permits.

We also provide comprehensive services for CTB (Concrete Traffic Barrier) Loading, Hauling, and Unloading. Our skilled team ensures proper handling and transportation of concrete traffic barriers to your project site, delivering exceptional results.


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