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Concrete Installation

Cable Barrier Mowstrip • Concrete Riprap • Metal Beam Guard Fence Mowstrip • Slip Forming Various Wall Structures 32" to 54" Capabilities • Concrete Delivery

At HJC Farms, we offer a wide range of specialized solutions to meet a variety of construction needs. Our services include Cable Barrier Mowstrip installation, Concrete Riprap placement, Metal Beam Guard Fence Mowstrip installation, Slip Forming for various wall structures, and reliable Concrete Delivery.

With our Cable Barrier Mowstrip installation, we ensure the precise positioning of concrete strips to enhance the effectiveness of cable barriers, providing an additional layer of safety and protection on highways and roadways.


Concrete Riprap is vital for erosion control and stabilization of embankments and slopes. Our skilled team delivers expert installation of riprap, preventing soil erosion and maintaining the integrity of critical infrastructure.

For Metal Beam Guard Fence Mowstrip installation, we provide efficient and durable solutions to maintain clear visibility and prevent vegetation encroachment, ensuring the safety and functionality of guard fences along roadways.

Our Slip Forming capabilities allow us to construct various wall structures, ranging from 32" to 54" in height. With precision and expertise, we deliver high-quality slip-formed walls that meet project specifications and contribute to the overall safety and aesthetics of the environment.


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